24 September 2010

Blood Red iPhone

This is the 87th Music Is Power Podcast! I want to thank to all the people listening to the podcast - thank you ;) Also i want to tell Galia that she can listen to the podcast tomorrow on the way home ;) And everyone people listen to the podcast in a quiet room or space ;) Also today i was wondering the tennis player hit balls as a gift to the audience after every match and i was wondering, do they have to pay for those balls, because they just throw? What do you think? ;)
Mark Ronson And The Business Intl Feat. Q-TIP & MNDR - Bang Bang Bang

The Vinny Club - its not you its OF
Bats - Higgs Boson Particle
Lali Puna - Remember
Thomas Tantrum - The Last Kiss
The Cast of Cheers - Derp
Henparty - BBC2
Enemies - Nag Champa
Battles - The Line
Wild Nothing - Chinatown
The Kyoto Connection - H.E.A.T

Photo made by dr_nik

09 September 2010

Sometimes People With The Most Shit Have To Shut Up And Let Other People Talk Shit About Them!

This is the 86th Music Is Power Podcast! I want to wish a happy birthday to one of my best friends Vassi and wish her all the best ;) and i want to say that alllll the bands in the podcast are great and u have to defo check them out ;) wish you a great weeeekend and dont worrie MiPP will be back next weeeek. MUSIC IS POWER!!!

Sleigh Bells - Run the Heart
Jamaica - Short and Entertaining
Sleigh Bells - Tell 'Em
Sleigh Bells - Infinity Guitars
Gruff Rhys & Tony Da Gatorra - In A House With No Mirrors
Yes Cadets - Fashionista Art Party
Yes Cadets - Rufio
Kill Krinkle Club - Moon
Kill Krinkle Club - Airport
Cults - Oh My God
Meljoann - E.X.I.T.
Junip - Rope and Summit