28 October 2010

Settle Down In The Town

This is the 89th Music Is Power Podcast. I want you to enjoy this podcast and be healty and in great condition.

Kimbra - Settle Down
Alvin Zealot - Bricks Over Bricks
The Soho Dolls - Bang Bang Bang Bang
Kookooo Kitchen - Sweet caress
Herpes - Keine Experimente
The Telepathics - 23:59
Dead Lover's Twisted Heart - Where I Am
Sputniko! - Google Song
Identitate - Alone
Glittering Blackness, Fall - 3

Bradley Oesch

22 October 2010

Someone Drop My P

This is the 88th edition of the indie podcast Music Is Power Podcast! I want to thanks to all the lovely people listing to the podcast and of course all the bands that without them the podcast will not be possible! We have now played more when 1 300 different artists ;) This is amazing not just for a indie podcast but for ANY kind of podcast out there in the internet :) Music Is Power !!!

Audio Bullys - Gimme That Punk
Shy Child - Drop The Phone
Lady Sovereign - I Got You Dancing
Audio Bullys - Drums (On With The Story)
Low Sea - Never Yours
Villagers - Twenty Seven Strangers
Villagers - To Be Counted Among Men
Born Ruffians - Sole Brother
2:54 - Creeping
Zola Jesus - Night

ps: photo made by smashthirteen