31 October 2007

Walk This Way Now

This is the 22 Music Is Power Podcast! In this edition of the podcast you will listen to some great swedish bands and also bands from all around the world. I just want to say a few words about the special MiPP Christmas CD - it is getting ready and i hope if everything is fine from 15 of November to be up and running for free download (the CD version can take a little bit longer 1 or 2 weeks long so i hope the CD will be ready to take from the end of November)

ps, i didnt had time to write down the mins when the next song begin, but i will do it later, so if the podcast dont update to your side with the mins pls feel free to visit musicispower.co.nr and see them from there. Cheers!


00:02 The Libertines - Time For Heroes (Video)
02:49 Samuraj Cities - One Dream Ahead Of You
06:22 Pär Lagerkvist & Dvärgen - Varenda Tjej
10:24 Lukestar - White Shade
13:27 Harlem Shakes - Sickos
17:01 Lara Martelli - Stupid Desires (Video)
21:34 Fredrik - 1986
26:10 Piroth - The Song For Emma and Martin (Video)
30:58 Plain White T's - Hey There Delilah (Video)
35:36 Bright Eyes - Landlocked Blues

Photo thanks to tokyoblitz

25 October 2007

Paper And A Pen

Music Is Power Podcast is getting started to create the special Christmas CD. There are already more then 8 bands agreed to be part of this project. Including some major indie bands as well as some great unsigned bands. There will be more information in the next podcasts, so keep on eye (ear ;)

dont forget about musicispower.co.nr !

quote: "I love you! Mhm..."


00:01 Presidents of the United States of America - Lump (Video)
02:25 The Courteeners - No You Didn't No You Don't
05:56 Trembling Blue Stars - Beautiful Blank
08:59 Bombay Bicycle Club - Ghost
12:35 Charlemagne - Champagne Socialist
16:10 Interview with Paper
27:46 Andrew Bird - Sovay (Video)
33:00 UKE - Uke Y La Masoneria

Photo thanks to ~Jay-Cougar-Prints

18 October 2007


This is the 20 Music Is Power Podcast. In this podcast you will hear 2 unsigned bands (The RGB's and KateGoes) + a lot of interesting and amazing tunes maybe most of them you haven't heard.

I want to pay you attention at the release of the special Music Is Power Podcast Christmas CD! It will be available from the middle of November till the middle of December and it will be free for downloading!!! Also there will be a CD version where people will buy or give whatever they think it is enough for this CD! I'm already starting to talk about some artists to include them in the CD and for now there are 6 artists that are agree to join this compilation (one of them is a very major indie band, but i will not tell you the name of the band yet)!

Don't forget about the new domain name of the podcast: musicispower.co.nr


00:01 The RGB's - Tourist Guide
03:53 Sparta Locals - Peace (Video)
07:51 Editors - Smokers Outside The Hospital (Video)
12:48 Florence Valentin - Pokerkvall I Varby Gard
16:33 Taxi Taxi! - Mary
18:57 Taxi Taxi! - To Hide This Way
21:51 27 - Heaven Owes Me One
25:16 Via Audio - Developing Active People
28:43 KateGoes - Heartbeat
33:33 Via Audio - Presents (Video)

Photo thanks to ~killtheclouds

11 October 2007

I Do It For Free

This is number 19 - Music Is Power Podcast. Today we celebrate the birthday of Elena (maybe u have saw a picture of her in the number 8 cover for the podcast), so we wish her happy birthday! :)
Also today you should definitely check out the promotion of the first album of Annie Hall, we have cover this with a 10 min interview from the lead singer from the band Fabio, witch you can listen in this podcast.
And of course i want to thank my girlfriend Maria for helping me editing the podcast! :)
Don't forget about the new domain name of the podcast: musicispower.co.nr


00:01 KVLR - Slow Clapping (Video)
04:03 Cats And Cats And Cats - Happiness For Lola
08:14 Vandaveer - Marianne Youve Done It Now
13:00 Tobias Hellkvist - Abomination
18:08 Interview With Annie Hall
29:43 Amiina - Ammaelis
32:41 Amiina - Rugla
36:50 Amiina - Oroi by Frakkur
41:38 This First Thing You Can Thing Of (Game)

Photo thanks to shir_feldman

04 October 2007

Freedom Of Music

This is 18 Music Is Power Podcast. In this podcast you will listen to some great unsigned bands from all around the world: UK, Sweden, Russia and etc.
Music Is Power Podcast has a new domain name musicispower.co.nr


00:01 The Postal Service - Against All Odds (Video)
03:58 Paddington Distortion Combo - Put Things
09:14 Motorama - Strangest Innocence
13:26 The Bear Quartet - Loneliness Abandons The Lonely
15:10 The Bear Quartet - I'm Still In The Grass
18:43 Mai - Like In A Film
23:07 Paper - Meaning Of A Special Kind
29:08 The Sleeping Years - Setting Fire To Sleepy Towns
32:59 The Sleeping Years - Dressed For Rain
37:46 The Sleeping Years - You And Me Against The World

Photo thanks to shir_feldman