30 July 2008

My Girlfriend Just Told Me That She Don't Love Me Anymore

This is the 56 Podcast! In the this podcast we have a great Session with Dogtanion, witch is playing 2 songs for us live in session! The new song George and also Electro Funk. My girlfriend just told me that she dont love me anymore after 2 years and that she should other boy in the states, so i just want to tell u that i love her and that i'm very sad right now, because i love her very much! But she dont care right now as she have more important things to do you know, having a new bf is exaiting! Cheers!

Kleerup - Until We Bleed (Featuring Lykke Li)
Daniel Savio - 2000 And Great
Sophie Rimheden - Happy
Interview With Dogtanion
The Sound Of Bailey - You Belong To Me
No Privacy - Steal My Heart
Bobby And Blumm - Not At Home

Thanks for the photo to *Jay-Cougar-Prints

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