29 May 2008

It Should Be All Fine!~

UPDATE: There will be not MiPP as im currently in Germany in the Rock Am Ring festival, wish me luck not to rain!!! :)

This is the 49 MiPP edition. This podcast is dedicated to Maria (my gf) and Sara (sister of Bo from Downtown/Union), because she is in hospital, hope she get better soon!!! Enjoy the interview with Downtown/Union and the songs! ;) Next Podcast is 50's Podcast so expect surprises ;)


The Envy Corps - Wires and Wool
Wake the President - You cant change that boy
The Kingfishers - Make Me Sad
Downtown/Union - Low Down Dirty Walk
Interview With Downtown/Union
MJ Hibbett & The Validators - Do The Indie Kid
Andy Mitchell - Home
The Electric Pop Group - I Could See The Lights

Thanks to Jay-Cougar-Prints for the great picture!

UPDATE: We are having some problems with posting the podcast, if u have problems too, just download this link to get the podcast: http://www.archive.org/download/ItShouldBeAllFine_793/Music_Is_Power_049.mp3

23 May 2008

Summer Hits :)

This is the 48 MiPP edition. This is one of the best podcasts, where you can listen to such amazing unsigned artists and hear wonderful interviews and stories in this case from the band Potion. I just want to let you know that Craven Canary song is... well, just stay tune to the new blog of MiPP and you will find everything out ;) ENJOY!!!


That Dude Prince - Red Button
Shout Out Louds - Impossible
The Accident That Led Me To The World - Caves
Caleb Hutton - Consider an Airplane
Craven Canary - Abileneblind duet wDamien J
Interview With Potion
Screen Vinyl Image - Fever Demo 2

Thanks to tokyoblitz for the great picture!

15 May 2008

Mess The Guess

This is the 47 MiPP edition. We have amazing interview with Panic Attract from UK. What can i say ENJOY IT!!! :)


Lexie Mountain Boys - Too Tall Too Tall
Easy - Eminent 200
Bottlerocket - Art Schools
Hayman, Watkins, Trout and Lee - Sly and the Family Stone
Interview With Panic Attract
Virak - Arms Raised
Seda - Head of a Girl

Thanks to shir_feldman for the great picture!

09 May 2008

Better Late Then Never

This is the 46 MiPP edition. We have amazing interview with WhiteRoom from Canada. Sorry for the delay of the podcast. I hope you like it ;) The Podcast this time is a little bit more - 53 mins, but i like it and i hope u will like it too :)


Panter - Panther
Sadpaw - Accelerator
Pen Expers - Switch
Foreign Slippers - packed the car
Interview With WhiteRoom
Huh-Uh - Drop Cop
Bluebridge The Quartet - Hovalkemist Nordenskjld
Desktop Orchestra - Averages

Thanks to killtheclouds for the great picture!

02 May 2008

The Social Musical Podcast

This is the 45 MiPP edition. We have amazing interview with The Social Services, they are from Sweden and some amazing tunes, so check it out !!! Enjoy ;)


Lognhalsmottagningen - Snacka Ger Ju
Forward Russia - Twelve
The Leather Uppers - Bigger Than A Breadbox
Femme Generation - Orlando Boom
Monkeystrikes - Tahonga Take Away
Monkeystrikes - Crouch And Cover
Interview With The Social Services
TheDeathSet - Around The World
Men(ace) - Dance Drink Until We're Done
Cineplexx - Tiger Trap With Duglas Stewart

Thanks to killtheclouds for the great picture!