27 June 2008

Craven Canary Blind Duet With MiPP

This is the 52 MiPP edition. And we have today a special podcast with Craven Canary! She is amazing, but myspace want to take her down and we are all against that so i really want to show you her music, before anything happen with her profile. Lets hope if she gets a lot of support at the end of the day nothing happen! Beg for/with her :)


Flutterbye - Journal
Hayden and Craven Canary - Between Us to Hold
Happiest Lion and Craven Canary - Brisk or Biting3
Men Diamler and Craven Canary - No Matter What I Do
Craven Canary - Rear View Mirror
Damien J and Craven Canary - Abilene
Lost in the Everglades and Cravery Canary - It's Kind of a Funny Story
Jeremy Messersmith and Craven Canary - LightRail
Flutterbye - She Secretly Slips Away
Lost in the Everglades and Craven Canary - Wishful Thinking
Flutterbye - One
Redmarley and Craven Canary - Naked As We Came
Panda Shakedown and Craven Canary - Go To The Sun Instead
Flutterbye - Lovey Go To Sleep remastered

Painting by the incredible BlackApple

19 June 2008

After The Big Bang

This is the 51 MiPP edition. A Great interview and great songs !!! :) This is Music Is Power Podcast! Amazing START of the podcast!!!


00:00 Justice - Stress
08:00 Cinerama - Dance, Girl, Dance (Acoustic)
11:00 The Black Keys - Psychotic Girl
15:00 Grizzly Bear - He Hit Me
19:30 Interview With Penny Broadhurst
29:30 Lean Tales - Penny On The Floor

Thanks to killthecounds for the great picture!

ps: pssss... expect some great news in the coming podcasts ;)

12 June 2008

Happy 1 Year + 50's Podcast!!!

This is the 50 MiPP edition and MiPP is having Birthday Party celebrating 1 year since the first podcast camed out. In today podcast there are amazing bands like the very new single from Sigur Ros and some amazing tunes from Placebo, too. I wish you all the best and thank you for the support! I hope we will see after 10 years!


Sigur Rós - Gobbledigook
The Lodger - The Good Old Days
Placebo - Because I Want You
The Bumblebees - Fluffy Clouds Of Joy
Moscow Olympics - Still
The Seven Inches - Cashback
Interview With Christian Joy
Slow Down Tallahassee - So Much For Love
One Unique Signal - Dismemberment
Placebo - Song To Say Goodbye

Thanks to killthecounds for the great picture!

ps: pssss... expect a birthday party this summer, the place and time is still unknown :)