30 July 2008

My Girlfriend Just Told Me That She Don't Love Me Anymore

This is the 56 Podcast! In the this podcast we have a great Session with Dogtanion, witch is playing 2 songs for us live in session! The new song George and also Electro Funk. My girlfriend just told me that she dont love me anymore after 2 years and that she should other boy in the states, so i just want to tell u that i love her and that i'm very sad right now, because i love her very much! But she dont care right now as she have more important things to do you know, having a new bf is exaiting! Cheers!

Kleerup - Until We Bleed (Featuring Lykke Li)
Daniel Savio - 2000 And Great
Sophie Rimheden - Happy
Interview With Dogtanion
The Sound Of Bailey - You Belong To Me
No Privacy - Steal My Heart
Bobby And Blumm - Not At Home

Thanks for the photo to *Jay-Cougar-Prints

24 July 2008

Every Day Is Tomorrow

This is 55 Music Is Power Podcast! In the today podcast we have a great interview with Lean Tales and some amazing tunes in the show! Enjoy it!

Kelroy - Surprise With a Fold
Moses and the Black Cats - The Cynic
Oslo Swan - Dreamin
Interview With Lean Tales
Lean Tales - Penny On The Floor
Quack Quack - Spinach
The Lyre Effect - Sentences
Hillel Mason - Morning Sunshine

Photo made by Reelika Saar

18 July 2008

RIP Stany!!!

I was wondering a lot if i suppose to do a podcast or not. A person i know, a very good boy die today. I just knew that. He was very good boy and maybe just chilling out this weekend will be a good to remember him, i dont know im very mixed up should i do a podcast about him or not? Thats why i need your help what do you think? What is normal to do in those kind of chases?


ps: sorry, but im really lost for words right now! I'm so sad, because he was such a good boy! If you want to help just a little, please leave a comment on him myspace website! Thank you!

11 July 2008


This is the 54 MiPP edition. We have a great live set from Demeter! Dont panic! The podcast its not so scary as it seems so in the begging, lool :) I just wanted to try something different, did u liked the opening song? Tell me ;)


Operation Razortooth - Testube Wonderings
The Joy Bus - Organ Doner
Cryptacize - Well Never Dream Again
The Drawers - Old Man
Liveroom.tv - Demeter
Mari X - Humans Tree
J?FF - Asleepwalking
Shane Bertrands & Squirt Gu - Hand Squirt Party

Photo thanks to reelikasa

03 July 2008

The Answering Machine

This is the 53 MiPP edition. Guess what? Craven Canary is staying and she is not going anywhere! huraaay :) In this week's podcast you will hear some songs recorded on our answering machine and also a live gig with the amazing band Deluka. For all of you that have been listening to the podcast for a long time now will notice that this is the first podcast from a long time without a interview, well i just wanted to tell u all that there will be live performance instead and i hope you like them as much as you like the interviews! Cheers to all of you! MUSIC IS POWER!!! :)


Lykke Li - Dance Dance Dance
Zwan - Lyric
Sarandon - Soapy
Deluka - Deluka On liveroom.tv
Camper Van Beethoven - All Her Favorite Fruit 1989
Lau Nau - Painovoimaa Valoa
Phosphorescent - Wolves

Photo thanks to shir_feldman