29 August 2008

We Are Going To Sleep Now, OK?

This is the 59 Podcast! There some news around the podcast first of all there was not a podcast last week and there was a problem with the feed as well, so i should say that right now everything should be fine and if someone have problems subscribing to the podcast or have any problems with it please let me know by leaving a comment here or mail me at musicpowerpodcast at gmail dot com. Also i made this pdocast 1 hour special, because of the lose of the last week podcast and i reallt hope you like it. There are some amazing tunes there together with live session from Members Of The Wedding. I and i just wanted to say to the Girl that this is for her as well. :) CHEEERS!

ps: one more thing, maybe you have saw the ads i have added in the site and inside the feeds. if u really like the podcast just support it by clicking some of the adds thats the only way the podcast can affort money and make some concert with some bands in the near future. Thanks!!!

The Beasts Of Eden - Sylvia
Member of the Wedding - New Century (Acoustic from MiPP)
Dialectics - No One Seems to Mind
Eigenheimer - Bottendaal Suicide
Interview With Member of the Wedding
Member of the Wedding - Leave The City Behind
Jesse - Reviver Sampler
A Switch Box Tale - Yours Truly Tez Remix
Happiest Lion - The Continents It Divides
The Empty Set - Le Pornographe
The Henry Cemetery - Since 1776

Photo thanks to shir_feldman

14 August 2008

You Can Do Everything If You Want To All You Got To Do Is Try

This is the 58 Podcast! We have a live session from Ramshackles from witch we got a really nice feedbacks from the last podcast! Enjoy them and enjoy the kids, you like them? ;)
ps: Galia how is the weekend going on? ;)

Ramshackles - Lay It Down (Acoustic from MiPP)
Little Pictures - I Wish I Could Keep You
Little Pictures - This House Can Fit Us All
Kitten Et Me - Changes Are Badtastic
Jocee - Blind
Interview With Ramshackles
Ramshackles - Shoemakers
Milo Hoffman - Show Some Hustle
Peneloping - The Place Where I Met You
Stealin An Thievin - Runnin Away To Join The Circus

Photo made by Wonderlovely

08 August 2008

The World Runs On Magic

This is the 57 Podcast! I'm dedicating this podcast to all the wonderful people who are listening to the podcast and especially Gal, because she is one of the hardest listeners ;) Gal, when we will going to say "goodbye" to each others?

Teacups - Magic Song
Ramshackles - The Bookshelf Boat
Phony Bone - Confident Man
Bat Fangs - Polaroids Like Ghosts
Artisan Guns - The River
Candy Land - A4 feat Rachel Kenedy
The Panda Shakedown - Evening All Day

Photo thanks to shir_feldman