28 November 2008

It's Always Good When I'm With You!

This is MiPP nuber 69 (a very good number ;) Hope you have a pleasunt weekend (like mine) and hope you are all good and fine! MiPP is there for you ;)

Jay Jay Pistolet - Happy Birthday You
Little Wings - Boom!
Captain #1 - Christopher O'Reiley
Lykke Li Live From The Bowery Ballroom
Slingerland - In The Bar
Redrown - Chopigula

Photo thanks to me :)

14 November 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!

This is 68 MiPP and it was my birthday!!! should i say that Galia is the reason why there was not podcast last week? i guess not, lol :) Hope you like the podcast one of the best podcast i have ever done!!! music is amazing!!! :)))

Scream Club - Fine As Fuck (Featuring Peaches)
Scream Club - I'm Going Crazy
Team Gina - Wife-Swapping
Verbal and The Kickdrums - Manifest Destiny
My Toys Like Me - Sick Couple
My Toys Like Me - Barnaby
William Besson live from Liveroom.tv

Photo thanks to me :)