05 June 2010

Indie Is A Secret

This is the 82th Music Is Power Podcast! This is dedicated to secrets like the iamamiwhoami witch is a youtuber and it is making great music and video clips, but no one knows who she is. They are saying that she is someone, but nothing is official till this day. So you should defenetly check her out! She already have 11 videos in youtube! Also in this podcast i want to say Hi to one of the fans of the cast Victor, because i think he will like one of the songs in the podcast very very much ;)

iamamiwhoami - n
R.S.A.G. - The Roamer
The Rags - Model Citizen
The Acorn - Low Gravity
The Acorn - Lullaby (Mountain)
Unkle - Follow Me Down feat. Sleepy Sun
Solar Bears - Crystalline (Be Again)
Tobacco - Grape Aerosmith feat Beck
Not Squares - Release the Bees

The link to the picture you can find here