26 June 2011

MiPP Can Do Better Then Elevator

This is the 116th Music Is Power Podcast! Enjoy the summer festivals, becuas in my coutry the summer festivals are not very good ;( this year!!! Love you all!!! Enjoy the music!!!
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Gramercy Riffs - Oh Linda!
Minus - Hașdeu
Fallulah - Give Us A Little Love
Dënver - Lo Que Quieras
Pascal Pinon - Djoflasnaran
Hans Unstern - Paris
Crocodile - Mental Home
Mother Of The Forest - Bränna Broar (feat Magnus Ekelund)
Marcos Meza - Danza
Captain Fufanu - Lava

22 June 2011

Up To Date

This is the 115 Music Is Power Podcat. Search google for "В крак с времето" and you will know more about the picture of this episode of MiPP =D
Unknown artist!?

Adebisi Shank - International Dreambeat
Suspicious for the Winter - Empty Streets
Pintandwefall - Doughnuts
de Montevert - High On You
DZ - Gebbie St
Smooth - Music
Desorden Publico - Espiritual
Feldberg - Dreamin'
ESDLCP - Voluntad de oro
Dems - Jarndyce vs Jarndyce
World's End Press - Golden Child

12 June 2011

Get Well Soon =D

This is the 114th Music Is Power Podcast! Hope you enjoy it! The title is for a very close friend of mine so this is for you =D
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Solange La Frange - Wakawak
Kid Canaveral - Good Morning
Les Mange-Tout - Weak Week
Mocca - Lucky Me
Sickcity - Julia
Forest City Lovers - Pocketful of Rocks
Delay Trees - Cassette 2012
Oberhofer - I Could Go
Transmission Party - Beautiful Breakdown
Bingo - Cold Without You (Original Mix)