31 March 2013

Happy Ending

This is the 142th Music Is Power Podcast! Enjoy and Happy Ending :D
Copyright All rights reserved by anie.aurelie

Angel Haze - Werkin' Girls
You Won’t - Television
Chairlift - Bruises
Reptar - Sebastian
Chairlift - Met Before
THEESatisfaction - Deeper
I am Oak - Distances II
VAZ - Miss Frost
DrDr - Addicted
Nguzunguzu’s - Delerium
Nguzunguzu’s - Smoke Alarm

25 March 2013

Galvanized #141

This is the 141 Music Is Power Podcast :D
Copyright All rights reserved by Walls Of Milano

Haim - Forever
Tanlines - All of Me
Manor - Afghan Hound
WHY? - Sod in the Seed
Graphics - I Made Up My Mind Feat. Price
Ava Luna - Clips
Kitty Pryde - Okay Cupid
Rebecca Brandt - Run
Sorcha Richardson and Tristan Fogel - I Heart NYC

19 March 2013

Lucky One #140

This is the 140 Music Is Power Podcast! :)
Copyright All rights reserved by Jeannette Rose

Young Wonder - Lucky One
Wild Belle - Keep You
Young Wonder - Orange
Kindness - Cyan
POP ETC - Everything Is Gone
Ghosts - Kalketto
MMOTHS - Folding
The Hundred In The Hands - Faded
Laura Sheeran - Forever Love
Young Man - Fate

08 March 2013

Friday I'm In Love

This is the 139th Music Is Power Podcast :D
Copyright All rights reserved by FWRphoto

Logikparty - Anti Omerta
One Little Plane - She Was Out In The Water
Bouts - Turn Away
The Cast Of Cheers - Animals
Painted Palms - All Of Us
Lilysay - Last Party
Forrests - Billions
Ben Browning - I Can't Stay
Hundred Waters - Boreal
Beat Culture - Slow Flight (ft. Vyxor)
White Collar Boy - Long Walk Home (feat. Gemma Dunlovely)

03 March 2013

March Power

This is the 138th Music Is Power Podcast! Enjoy yourself :D
AttributionShare Alike Some rights reserved by QuinnDombrowski

Graham Coxon - What'll It Take
Cymbals - No Bad Decisions
Summer Camp - Was It Worth It?
Summer Camp - Better Off Without You
Lucy Rose - All I've Got Is You (Acoustic)
Pure Bathing Culture - Ivory Coast
BebeBlack - I'll Wait (Demo)
XXYYXX - About You
Ghost Estates - Pop Song
Last Days of 1984 - River's Edge