26 September 2008

I'm Thinking About...

This is 63 MiPP with a interview with Bear Cat! ;) I wan to write a lot fo thing, like that im very tired right now and that i dont care how about my mistakes so much, because im doing that for the music and not for the english :) I'm doing that because i want to do it, because im happy when people likes the songs inside the podcast and are listening to the podcast and enjoying it! Than kyou all!

The Joy Formidable - Austere
Abandoned Brain - Choosey
Detektivbyrеn - Neonland
Brine - Make It To Berlin
Interview With Bear Cat
Baus Fite - Serious Like A Heart Attack
Haley Bonar - Something Great
Mikko Singh - Hengellinen Heraaminen
Silver Falls - Conversation In A Cheap Room

Photo thanks to me :) and my new camera

ps: what about this pic? Do you like it? :)

19 September 2008

I Can't Wait For This Moment To Come

This is 62 MiPP with a interview with Jessie Grace and live song for the podcast also we have a special guest here at the show, but who is please listen to the podcast to find out ;) I'm greeting all my friends that want to help me and correct my english mistakes! Hello! :) Also i just wanted to say to the Girl that the first song is dedicated to her!

Jessie Grace Live For MiPP
Hari and Aino - FinlandOn Volcano - Out Of Sight
Hello Saferide - Anna
Kite - My Girl and I
Interview With Jessie Grace
Macho Macho - Kingsley
The Essex Green - Our Lady In Havana

Photo thanks to flutterbye

12 September 2008

I'm Happy That We Are Talking

This is 61 MiPP and im thanking Galia for taking her time to help me with the podcast. Keep on pushing cuz i know its there. Cuz i want you too :)

Bonnie and Clyde - I Guess There's No One
The Sound OE - Party At The Moontower
I Are Droid - Blood & Ether
Rigas Den Andre - I Am Crane
Happiest Lion - Mountain And The Sea (Acoustic For MiPP)
Interview With Happiest Lion
Jesper Norda - Tomorrow you'll be forgiven but tonight you will have your teeth knocked out

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05 September 2008

Living On The Edge

This is the 60 Podcast! I want to dericare this podcast to my Girl and tell her that i hope she likes those songs and... everything else i can tell her in person! :) I will tell her all in person! Thanks to Lee for the great interview its really interesting so you have to listen to it!

Fight Like Apes - Lend Me Your Face
The ABC Club - Tinkering Teacups
Telephono - No Souls
When City Sleeps - Happy Here
Off Ground Touch - Old Fashioned Way of Speaking
The Sound Of The Ladies - Clouds at the Top of the Sky
Svefn - Lightness
Interview With Svefn

Photo thanks to Wonderlovely